Springs is approaching and we are blossoming

Hola Amiga!
Now that the spring is slowly approaching and we will soon start to shed some layers and show more skin, it is time to shine and express a little bit of unruly wilderness within us, my dear goddesses! 
Bohemian fashion is one of these irresistible trends that came to existence during French revolution - from a necessity first - but eventually it became to be a statement of freedom! With time it evolved into a subculture that is still alive today - more than ever, really. 
Boho fashion has it all - ethnic elements from indigenous cultures and tribes, strong oriental flavour, ancient motifs, patterns from Mughal Empire times, medieval elements, lace, beads, gems - you name it! What started out of necessity, became an ideology, a social statement, a stance.
Real Bohemian fashion and we at Aurobelleibiza are embodying it since 2003 , embraces uniqueness, natural garments, raw materials, and is often hand made using indigenous practices such as block painting, embroidery, dying using the vegetable and herb dyes. You can find Boho replicas in main stream stores, but the real charm lies in those handmade pieces - after all, this is what Bohemian life style stands for - sustainability, reusing the materials, honouring ancient traditions of garment production with a modern twist for a vibrant modern woman!
Now let’s talk curves and maturity!Amazing, juicy, abundant curves of feminine bodies have been somewhat shaded in our society by fashion giants that make no clothes for someone bigger that size 8 (crazy) therefore putting so much emphasis on a cult of youth many times leaving a mature curvy woman on the outskirts of fashion. How is this still thriving in 2022?!
When a girl is born, she goes through trandemous changes for all her life - puberty, adolescence, motherhood, menopause are just a few stages of majorities’ of our lives that leave an imprint on our bodies. Stretch marks, extra skin, little and bigger lumps and bumps, breasts in all shapes and sizes, bums in all shapes and sizes, bellies, that carried babies, lost babies, that could never carry babies or chose not to - ALL of it is worthy of celebration and not to be hidden under dull colours and rough fabrics of self hate and shame! A woman - at any stage of her life - is worthy of celebration.Period.
Let this spring be an inspiration of your womanhood, shed the old layers, guilt, shame, step out of your comfort zone and do not be afraid to shine! There is a sacred, ever creating power in a woman that was suppressed for too long!
Shine on!
If not now, then when?

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