Living in Ibiza is great, yesss  most of the time it is, but guys i tell you the best time to spend time on the island is in winter. The month after the season is finishing which means November and December are gorgeous.. Its  a great time for us locals who live in Ibiza.. you ask me why.

No stress.

weather amazing, perfect for walks at the beach, sunny and around 18 c at least.

the people are nice  , locals smile to you and you can make some friends

cosy winter days at my mums finca

go to the beach

wearing my boho jackets in ibiza

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  • Soraya Lutes

    Love all your beautiful dresses!
    Any chance you are offering any discounts for orders from your store?
    I live in the US and understand all sales are final to my location.
    Many thanks in advance and hope you are all staying well and healthy.

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