Kantha vintage boho bomber jacket no 35
Kantha vintage boho bomber jacket no 35
Kantha vintage boho bomber jacket no 35

Kantha vintage boho bomber jacket no 35

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This is a beautiful jacket from my

be the change you want to see in this world

collection !

i sourced and receicelt unique and antique

kantha textiles ( they are originally made as bride gift in every family all havd Stiches beautiful fabrics used as blankets in east Bengal India . Nowadays almost impossible to find anymore , each piece has soul history love and life .

we are using this kantha fabrics to make our stylish easy to wear super comfy jackets .

Kantha (meaning: “patched cloth”) refers to both the tradition of producing these unique, quilted blankets (making something useful and beautiful out of discarded items), as well as the craft and stitch itself (a small, straight running stitch in Bengali embroidery).

For as many as 500 centuries, poor Bengali women have taken their discarded cloth scraps and sewn them together with a simple running stitch; taking the old and repurposing it into something useful and protective. Far from trend-setting, or even artfulness, kantha was created originally for the most basic and practical purpose: to keep warm.

Over time, kantha developed as a generational skill, a craft that could symbolically impart story, desire, and well-wishing for loved ones & gift recipients. Elaborate kantha were made as wedding gifts or gifts for mothers, with stories and wishes weaved in, allowing illiterate women to leave a lasting mark.

Warm and light .

diagonal closing pockets

Over size style

each jacket exist only once !

inside and outside diff textiles prints .

slow fashion Recycling and fairtrade

Made with love unique for you