Everyone needs a bit of Ibiza in their life

More than ever ... everyone needs a bit of IBIZA in their life .. times are hard .. but when you come to the Isla the sun the ocean the freedom here makes you feel happy, 

It has been a difficult year 2020 for all of us. Here in Ibiza we were in a strict lock down from March until June . Nobody was allowed to go for walks to the ocean or meet friends . Well I am sure you also have been into lots of restrictions.

In the month of July we could finally open our shops and businesses again , and the short season of ibiza 2020 could start . It’s was amazing and we were so happy to see all the visitors, friends of the island and new comers . We had an amazing vibrant August , but than the rules changed and we where flagged red again , despite there has been very very few cases in the Island . 
it’s sad because specially September and October are beautiful month to visit the island and enjoy a fantastic weather .

So now middle of October we at Aurobelle are closing our retail shops for the next six month . And the Isla will fall into its winter sleep and quietness . 
Time to keep still and reflect what was the message the learning from 2020 we what we have to change . To be more humble, respect and safe our Mother Earth as it’s the only place we have and our last last chance to wake up and  change our behaviour.

I wish you all a peaceful end of this turbulent year . Please keep connected and share your own story with me .

We are all one here at the Aurobelle Ibiza family and tribe .

Sending you lots lots of love 💓 




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