"Aurobelle, a boutique fashion, and lifestyle family since 2003. Ethically sourced boho collection from around the world aiming to empower woman and embody a blissful bohemian lifestyle. Produced using organic materials our block print collection builds upon the ancient tradition of hand printed fabrics using natural pigments from rural India. Each Aurobelle creation emanates femininity, freedom and so much more. Our aim is to create beautiful garments in the most ethnically and environmentally conscious way possible and support artisanal practices around the world, making each piece uniquely beautiful.


More than a fashion designer and proud to call Ibiza home base, Jane Natascha Naeke is a travel enthusiast constantly on the lookout for a new exotic destination to discover. When she's not in the studio working with her team or anchored down in her hillside Finca with family, Jane can be found scouring markets and combing shops around the world for fabrics and design inspiration. She considers every place she visits a chance to unearth fresh trends and track down textiles of the finest quality. Aurobelle is an embodiment of her passion-driven wanderlust and a representation of her free-spirited bohemian lifestyle.


Aurobelle’s story started a long time ago, perhaps, way before I found India 25 years ago. And, you know, a true love story starts spontaneously, seemingly, by accident – I was a flight attendant back then and it happened so that I had a layover – and this is where the magic started.

They say, one never returns the same from India: it is challenging, it is raw, it is chaotic, but yet so abundant of experiences, colours, scents, I don’t think there is anything more diverse than one day of life in India. And imagine a romance that lasts 25 years!



Just a year later I took a leap of faith and went back to India, for my spiritual quest this time. I spent a month backpacking in North of India, and here Buddhism found me. I discovered yoga, and yet once again - India was welcoming me in with all its gifts.

The love story here between me and this incredible land took another turn and here I was, 2 years later, with my two beautiful daughters taking another leap of faith –  we moved to Goa, where my girls attended a school and I opened my two shops – the Aurobelle’s pioneers.


I was so inspired by textiles and colours of South India while living in a community in Pondy Cherry  in Auroville actually – I created something very dear to me: mom and daughter dresses that embodied the experience of both – being a mother and love for slow travelling. These dresses were created out of the softest locally sourced muslin, hand-painted in ornaments of flowers – they were infused with the vibrancy of India and gentle love of a mother.


These dresses later made it back to Ibiza with me, it all started with hippie markets, and grew into wholesales in Holland and other European countries. In 2008, I opened my Aurobelle Ibiza shop and have been working and creating urban boho inspired fashion ever since. They say, if you put your heart into following your dream – the whole Universe starts to help out. 


Aurobelle Ibiza is a slow fashion boutique, I take great pride in sourcing materials and ensuring ethical production of the garments.  I have been working with a small number of artisans – families and a group of women – since the very beginning. In India, it is not common for a woman to have a job, and therefore this woman, when challenging situations arise, have no support and no solid foundation to make a change in their lives. Working with the same group of women not only provides a reliable job but also helps to boost their confidence and create a level of independence.



Each time I go to India - I get a chance to participate in manufacturing process myself – this is a gift of working with small local communities – you not only participate in creating a slow fashion brand but also get to form relationships with locals. I watch the mastery of block painting, dying the fabrics – creating something special, something that cannot be repeated.

Aurobelle Ibiza is a haven not only for the trendsetters but also for those free spirits – gipsy souls, bohemian goddesses, environmentally conscious unique fashionistas.


Over the years Aurobelle has grown and branched out it's sourcing – we now have artisans working on our feminine fashion not only in India, but also in Chiang Mai, Thailand, and Ubud, Bali, Indonesia. Working with villagers rather than the large factories makes the fashion a lot more special, a lot more sustainable, a lot more inspiring and empowering.

In our Ibiza boutique, you can easily sort out your outfit from head to toes: beautiful floral feminine dresses, handcrafted shawls, silk kurtas, kimono style dresses, bags, jewellery, fragrances - anything the bohème in you wishes for, behind every item – lies skilled craftsmanship, artisans with years of knowledge.


Here, at Aurobelle, we are all about the work and pleasure balance - I am a firm believer, that we have to take time to recharge, to reconnect with ourselves, so when I am not working on beautiful designs – you will find me hiking in stunning wild Ladakh, in a yoga retreat in Rishikesh or simply enjoying the beach.

The connection we make with our surroundings, with locals, with nature and with ourselves is vibrantly reflected in the essence of Aurobelle Ibiza – in the depth of the colour, in the feel of the texture, in the diversity of the designs – to suit a yoga lover, a bohemian girl, even a surf fashion enthusiast.

It’s all about that Ibiza love, darlings! All about that freedom, all about making a bit of difference in the world, in style!


What is your inspiration in life and how to you achieve happiness and inner peace?

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Sending you lots of love and light.





The Aurobelle Woman is a woman who enjoys her femininity, she is free to be elegantly simple, sensually playful, gracefully comfortable and joyfully colorful….

She is a woman who knows who she is and is not afraid to ask what she wants. She honors the never-ending discovery of her own Beauty within.
Sharing it with joy, celebrating its own unique expression within her, daring to explore its depths, amused by its power to attract her deepest desires delighting in the mystery as it appears to her.

She chooses colors that express her inner radiance sharing with the world shades of the glory of her beauty within. She seeks fashion that allows her to be free in her expression of herself as a woman, as a mother, as a lover free to be simple, free to be elegant, free to be colorful, free to be comfortable, free to flow with the divinity that is her own essential nature.

The Aurobelle Woman can be found wherever a positive inspiration for life is celebrated, wherever her freedom to express herself is honored, wherever self-expression and shared beauty is joyfully welcomed…

She might be raising her family or enjoying a holiday on the beaches of Goa or Ibiza, delighting in an evening alone with her lover, dancing to drum beats on a moonlight night, greeting an early start to another
day of loving…..

Aurobelle is a Fashion label created as an attribute to be herself….

as she lives in all of us..

Jane Naeke lives with her family in Ibiza, Spain.