About us

The Aurobelle Woman,

The Aurobelle Woman is a woman who enjoys her femininity, she is free to be elegantly simple, sensually playful, gracefully comfortable and joyfully colorful….

She is a woman who knows who she is and is not afraid to ask what she wants. She honors the never ending discovery of her own Beauty within.
Sharing it with joy,celebrating its own unique expression within her, daring to explore its depths, amused by its power to attract her deepest desires delighting in the mystery as it appears to her.

She chooses colors that express her inner radiance sharing with the world shades of the glory of her beauty within. She seeks fashion that allows her to be free in her expression of herself as a woman , as a mother ,as a lover free to be simple, free to be elegant, free to be colorful, free to be comfortable, free to flow with the divinity that is her own essential nature.

The Aurobelle Woman can be found wherever a positive inspiration for life is celebrated, wherever her freedom to express herself is honored, wherever self expression and shared beauty is joyfully welcomed…

She might be raising her family or enjoying a holiday on the beaches of Goa or Ibiza, delighting in an evening alone with her lover, dancing to drum beats on a moonlight night,greeting an early start to another
day of loving…..

Aurobelle is a Fashion label created as atribute to be herself….

as she lives in all of us..

Jane Naeke lives with her family in Ibiza,Spain.