Dhurries- Indian Rugs

Do you want to decorate your house with beautiful handwoven Indian rugs called dhurries which give a warm colourful touch to your floor. In India these cotton rugs are used since centuries because they are lightweight, easy to clean and reversible. You will love your exclusive dhurrie designed and manufactured fairtrade by Aurobelle.


With our light cotton roundies diameter ca 180 cm you can travel the world, use them on the beach as blankets, or decorate your sofa, put it on the wall, take it to your yoga class to the picnic in the park, then possibilities are huge. what is sure they will bring you a lot of smiles and happiness.

Bedsheets or beach blankets

Use our mandala light cotton bed sheets on top of your sofa, bed or hand it on the wall as an eyecatcher. it will pop up your boho house with joy.

My Ibiza guidebook

Get the must-have Ibiza guidebook from Hjordis Fogelberg already before you come to the Isla, and know about where to sleep, eat and shop from locals favorites spots.. secret tips, and much more..made with love.