Labradorite gemstone designer necklace -  AUROBELLE  IBIZA
Labradorite gemstone designer necklace -  AUROBELLE  IBIZA

Labradorite gemstone designer necklace

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Made for princesses and royals my Ananda IBIZA jewelleries collection was made with my own designs and in collaboration with some of the most well trained jewelry artisans in the pink city of Jaipur , where since generations they make the most precious jewelry in the world 



here I feature my limited collection of semi precious gemstone collection 

Labradorite—a feldspar mineral first "discovered" in icy Canada—was believed by native peoples to have fallen from the Northern Lights above, its vivid flashes of color dancing just beneath the surface of the stone.


 illuminates the sense of wonder—that way-less-jaded sensation of being tuned into spirit, nature, and rhythm—that gets lost in the fast-paced, broadband melee of modern life. On the short list of "let’s get weird" stones, Labradorite encourages an intense connection to the spirit world. ESP, astral projection, and séances are the shit, dude. Get on board. Plus, aligning with the synchronicities of the universe is way more fun than speaking poorly of your sisters under a bottle of overpriced Sancerre. 


Roald Dahl, one in possession of a most magical mind, wrote, "Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it." Remember: The biggest impediment to your spiritual growth is probably your own judgmental inclinations. Labradorite helps you focus solely on doing you. The last thing you need is to get anybody else on board with your crazy shit. Your magic is your magic. Protect it with Labradorite.