moon stone gemstone designer earrings -  AUROBELLE  IBIZA
moon stone gemstone designer earrings -  AUROBELLE  IBIZA

moon stone gemstone designer earrings

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Made for princesses and royals my Ananda IBIZA jewelleries collection was made with my own designs and in collaboration with some of the most well trained jewelry artisans in the pink city of Jaipur , where since generations they make the most precious jewelry in the world 


Moonstone is a prismatic feldspar mineral that’s been held close by travelers for ages. Add it to the weekend bag with the 4-oz tube of Goe Oil and a copy of the Dhammapada. Its metallic white, ethereal energy connects us to the goddess, Mother Nature, or the special lady we all have inside of us. And, it works in concert with its namesake. Under a full moon, bringing moonstone into the bedroom with your partner (or partners…whatever you’re into…we don't judge) can have an intoxicating, next level effect. While a new moon is always a perfect time to set intentions with moonstone. 


If depth is what you seek, moonstone is the ideal stone for you. In our crazy world of constant visual stimulation, c/o binge watching political dramas, Kimojis, and compulsive ‘gramming, it’s easy to forget to look up, feel up, and be up. Like, up in the night sky, where we can rely on one thing to be calmly rising and falling, fading in, fading out, day after day, month after month.


The moon is crazy powerful, pushing and pulling the biggest things on the planet (the five deep oceans) and pushing and pulling you (and your moods), too. Get yourself on its rhythm, or forever be frazzled. Finding it’s that time? Bring on moonstone.


here I feature my limited collection of semi precious gemstone collection