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Sarong or pareo summer, boho deco and travel

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If i can choose one item i would always bring with my while travelling ,than definately i would be one of the AUROBELLE super light muslin sarongs in beautiful hand block prints.. they just make me happy and they are the most useful accessory ever..i use them as a beautiful shawl, a wrap around on the beach on top of my bikini, i use it as a dress when i go to get me my smoothie at the beach bar, in tropics i use it as a light blanket, i dont like heavy towels so i use it coming out of the shower, i decorate my tablets on my terrace, wrap it as a hat, curtain.. you name it.. just cant live
without my sarong.. understand me?!
the size of the beautiful super light and soft sarong or pareo is 1,80cm per 1,10 cm
It's a absolute summer essential !!