Mother’s and Daughters. I got you babe 💙

Hola, Amiga!


As the days are getting warmer and brighter something beautiful happens on the inside – a sense of hope, joy and love blooms like a mystical lotus, bringing an inspiration and celebration (and to celebrate we are including a gift for you at the end of this letter, stay tuned)!


Happy Mother’s Day to all my dear amigas – mothers, care givers, mother figures, aunties and grandmothers! This is a wonderful opportunity, a reminder to slow down a little, to look back, to be grateful and show some extra love to those who helped us to become who we are today, who shaped us, who brought us up, who had our backs, who wiped our tears and who fought for us like lionesses.


It is time to celebrate those of us who may never held a baby of their own, or didn’t get to bring one home, but yet shared their light and love with those around; time to remember those already gone, those we have not met and those we yet to meet.


Life is so abundant of diversity, there is so many different roads and paths, valleys and deserts, and one thing that unites us all – we are here because of our mothers and we, regardless if we experienced the birth or not ourselves, have this enormously magical power to bring to life anything we touch.  


We are creators of life!


Here at Aurobelle Ibiza we are all about the feminine, vibrant bursting with color essence of life. Since I have started this label, it all evolved around the motherhood and making memories – through travels, trough exploring, through taking a leap of faith, through risking in some instances, and throughnever giving up. This is the greatest gift I wish to share with my children, with my daughter – you, my beautiful child, can do anything you set your mind and heart on, you can cross the oceans and reach for the stars, and if you fall, my baby, its ok – it is just a part of the journey, not a destination. And if you fall again – I am here, I have your back.


I have got you, baby.


Let’s put our best dresses on and celebrate the motherhood – with the women and loved ones of our life, let’s cook the best meals, let’s laugh loads, let’s take plentiful of pictures and make ever lasting memories!


Visit our store (in Ibiza and online) for Mother’s Day outfit  and gift ideas – new gorgeous, color popping pieces, handcrafted in India, using ancient time tested block printing techniques, ethically sources and lasting a life time – for mothers and daughters, for those memories at home, at the beach, in the parks and family gatherings – celebrate your feminine yet powerful beauty – no matter the number in the passport, no matter shape and size – beauty comes in never ending diversity of packages, and you are it – vibrant, elegant, bursting with life woman!


If it happens so, that you cannot be with the women of your life this time – we have got you! Shop with us and we will send your gift anywhere in the world (all our clothing comes in beautiful reusable bags), spread the joy, celebrate love – no matter the distance!


And here is a Mother’s Day gift from me to you – a discount code for those beautiful Mother’s Day outfits and presents!





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