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Holla, Amiga!   I have missed you, my dear tribe of incredible women!   As we swim through the time and the experiences it brings us, we may sometimes feel like it is somewhat running out, as if we have to rush to do more, to get more, to “fix” ourselves faster, adapt better. The season that we are in may appear very strange this time, second time around. It has its wonderful sides – seeing the families, getting in touch with friends we have not seen for a while, making amends, forgetting the injustice and celebrating togetherness, celebrating new hope, new beginning.   But this time may also bring its struggles to the forefront – not all of us...

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Mother’s and Daughters. I got you babe 💙

Hola, Amiga!   As the days are getting warmer and brighter something beautiful happens on the inside – a sense of hope, joy and love blooms like a mystical lotus, bringing an inspiration and celebration (and to celebrate we are including a gift for you at the end of this letter, stay tuned)!   Happy Mother’s Day to all my dear amigas – mothers, care givers, mother figures, aunties and grandmothers! This is a wonderful opportunity, a reminder to slow down a little, to look back, to be grateful and show some extra love to those who helped us to become who we are today, who shaped us, who brought us up, who had our backs, who wiped our tears...

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How I started 25 years ago with my boho fashion business in India

ABOUT ME & HOW AUROBELLE WAS CREATED Aurobelle’s story started a long time ago, perhaps, way before I found India 25 years ago. And, you know, a true love story starts spontaneously, seemingly, by accident – I was a flight attendant back then and it happened so that I had a layover – and this is where the magic started. They say, one never returns the same from India: it is challenging, it is raw, it is chaotic, but yet so abundant of experiences, colours, scents, I don’t think there is anything more diverse than one day of life in India. And imagine a romance that lasts 25 years!   Just a year later I took a leap of faith...

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