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Holla, Amiga!
I have missed you, my dear tribe of incredible women!
As we swim through the time and the experiences it brings us, we may sometimes feel like it is somewhat running out, as if we have to rush to do more, to get more, to “fix” ourselves faster, adapt better.
The season that we are in may appear very strange this time, second time around. It has its wonderful sides – seeing the families, getting in touch with friends we have not seen for a while, making amends, forgetting the injustice and celebrating togetherness, celebrating new hope, new beginning.
But this time may also bring its struggles to the forefront – not all of us have families and friends to spend this time with, not all of us are able to do that this time around, and the existential threat may feel more intensely now than ever.
It is ok to feel like that.
We are whole human beings with a wide diversity of feelings, sensations, experiences, and sometimes they are less than blissful, and that really is ok. The uncertainty that is hanging in the air, that is portrayed in the media, that is communicated to us from all different sides does affect our nervous system.
With all my heart I would love to encourage you to feel all the emotions that come up, to sit with them fully, to acknowledge the sensations in your mind, body and heart.
Grant yourself the permission to feel safe and heard in your own company. It all really starts with us.
When we locate our strength in our vulnerability, when we realize we are humans with so many different layers – we realize our infinite potential too.
We are like little seeds in the very rich soil – it gets dark and cold just before the rebirth, just before new life sprouts its way into existence. Such a transformative time!
Feelings of anger and its many shadows can bring a positive change in our life – our visceral experience of the fire of the anger has a great potential to be the fire of transformation too; burning away the old that no longer serves us, burning away the ties that are holding us back, burning away the constrains that are keeping us from expressing our voices, and making space for new
– a life with more freedom, more authenticity, more vulnerability that opens the doors to those around us to feel more connected and empowered too!
My dearest Amiga, I thank you for being in my beloved tribe, your support means more than ever now!
My heart is full of gratitude to you all. Do not be afraid to share your light, to acknowledge your pains and your strengths, allow your voice to express, your truth inspires many!
There is so much power in community!
If you want to share your feelings , i am just a click away from you Amiga . 
Sharing is caring  .. 

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