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Sharing is caring , we are in this together amiga .

Holla, Amiga!   I have missed you, my dear tribe of incredible women!   As we swim through the time and the experiences it brings us, we may sometimes feel like it is somewhat running out, as if we have to rush to do more, to get more, to “fix” ourselves faster, adapt better. The season that we are in may appear very strange this time, second time around. It has its wonderful sides – seeing the families, getting in touch with friends we have not seen for a while, making amends, forgetting the injustice and celebrating togetherness, celebrating new hope, new beginning.   But this time may also bring its struggles to the forefront – not all of us...

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We are not old ladies , we are vintage.

To all of my female friends from 40, 50 years and up... most of us are going through the next phase of our lives. We're at that age where we see wrinkles, gray hair, and extra pounds.   Menopause may have appeared or is just waiting around the corner. We see the cute 30-year-olds and reminisce. But, we were also 30, just as they will one day be our age.What they bring to the table with their youth and zest, we bring with our wisdom and experience.   We have raised families We have run households We have paid the bills We have dealt with diseases We have dealt with sadness  and everything else life has assigned us. We are...

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Why supporting Slow Fashion is now so important ?

What is slow fashion ? Modern day Slow Fashion has seen some of these old ways come back into the picture. It encourages us to buy less garments at higher quality, made from more sustainable processes, less often. It also puts emphasis on the art of clothes making and celebrates the skills of the craftspeople who make them. what is the difference ? Fast fashion" is a term used by retailers and designers to describe a widely implemented phenomenon and business model. ... Slow Fashion is the movement of designing, creating, and buying garments for quality and longevity. Slow fashion is about quality instead of quantity—garments that can last years or even a lifetime. ... Slow fashion is sustainable and doesn't view products as disposable. Slow fashion is ethical and looks at the connections between...

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