Staying strong and in your own power

YOU -have been on my mind AMIGA
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It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.

- Confuscious

Well said, Confuscious. 
I’ve been thinking so much lately about persistence. How many times have you accomplished something you thought was impossible, then looked back, only to realize that if you hadn’t taken every agonizing step along the way, you never would have gotten there?
Many times I just wanted to give up, running a small slow  fashion brand just by myself, being all in one, the designer, the business woman, photographer & website creator, social media creator and also being a single mum can be tuff, But,
when things are hard, heck, when they seem impossible… I find that it’s my persistence that keeps me going. I encourage you to meditate on this thought too!
I am sure you have a similar situation to deal with amiga, share with me , I am only a reply button away from you.
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