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Staying strong and in your own power

  HOLA AMIGA QUE TAL ? HOW ARE YOU ? WIE GEHTS DIR ?      YOU -have been on my mind AMIGA   HOLA AMIGAS HOW ARE YOU FEEELING ? It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop. - Confuscious DONT GIVE UP YOUR DREAMS   Well said, Confuscious.    I’ve been thinking so much lately about persistence. How many times have you accomplished something you thought was impossible, then looked back, only to realize that if you hadn’t taken every agonizing step along the way, you never would have gotten there?   Many times I just wanted to give up, running a small slow  fashion brand just by myself, being all in one,...

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Springs is approaching and we are blossoming

Hola Amiga!   Now that the spring is slowly approaching and we will soon start to shed some layers and show more skin, it is time to shine and express a little bit of unruly wilderness within us, my dear goddesses!    Bohemian fashion is one of these irresistible trends that came to existence during French revolution - from a necessity first - but eventually it became to be a statement of freedom! With time it evolved into a subculture that is still alive today - more than ever, really.    Boho fashion has it all - ethnic elements from indigenous cultures and tribes, strong oriental flavour, ancient motifs, patterns from Mughal Empire times, medieval elements, lace, beads, gems -...

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Today we re open our beloved at AUROBELLE SAN JOSE tienda in IBIZA

.. for many days and night we had our doors closed and worked  with much effort ,painting, making new furnitures, decorating, to open our already so beautiful shop in San Jose ,here at Ibiza..     The island was getting ready for the season, you could feel the exitment   ,the stress coming  over the island after a long winter sleep .  Ibiza is starting the season 2017.. opening theirs doors,the restaurants , the beach clubs for another summer of rock n ro may we have lovely days and share this beautiful  island with all the Ibiza lovers . may there be love . om namah shivaja 

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