Sustainable living is a must for all of us to save our planet

These days almost everything we buy has been mass produced and machine-made, leaving a negative impact on our environment. It's difficult to imagine the days when threads where spun by hand, garments were sewn by hand and cloth was block printed. However, in our hand block print  collection you will find we have implemented these traditional processes, we have turned back the clock to ancient times.
We hold our commitment to producing garments as eco-friendly as possible, whilst also keeping these century old traditions of handloom materials and block printing alive.
Sustainable living to us is something we desire. We need it and we want it to become a normality in our world, so we have created another collection with each garment being sustainable.
Our goal, as always is to:
- Leave little to no impact on mother Earth when creating our garments.
- Continue to show women all around the world that sustainable clothing can be desirable.
Today I would love to share with you something about the art that inspires the fashion and even day to day life of those who are connected to Aurobelle Ibiza one way or another – block printing. I have shared with you all before that I pay big emphasis to ethical fashion and we employ small communities rather than contracting big factories.  This is so rewarding! We not only create beautiful authentic fashion, but also are a part of gorgeous community of local men and women.

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